School zone speed limits back in effect as the Marquette area school year begins

MARQUETTE — Marquette area public schools are back in session today, and local law enforcement wants to remind everyone to be cautious of school zone speed limits.

For those who may not have school starting back up on their mind, police are encouraging all drivers to pay attention to the signs on school roads. The Chocolay Township Police Department has posted the current school zone hours for schools in their area on their social media, and Police Chief Scott Jennings says the department will have officers out making sure everyone stays safe on the roads.

“Times start at 8:30 in the morning until 9:30, and then 3:30 to 4:30,” said Chief Jennings. “The speed on Cherry Creek dropped to 30 miles an hour. We just want everyone to be aware of that. We put a message on Facebook so people will see it. And we’ll be around. We’ll be out there in the mornings and evenings as much as we can, just for everyone’s safety.”

Chief Jennings also says that his department is making extra efforts to ensure the safety of kids in Marquette area public schools as well.

“We visit the schools as much as we can,” said Chief Jennings. “Marquette city also has a school resource officer that’s now in all the Marquette public schools. He’ll come out every once in a while and visit with the kids in all the schools in town.”

Police Chief Jennings and the Chocolay Township Police Department hope that this year will continue to be safe for students and their families as this new year begins.