Marquette Area Blues Fest kicks off 16th year

MARQUETTE — Marquette is known for its music and its music festivals, and earlier today, one of the more popular music festivals opened to the public.

The 16th–annual Marquette Blues Fest held a free show today, to get people excited about a long weekend of live blues performances.

“It’s been awesome,” said Mark Hamari, president of the Marquette Area Blues Society. “We started our first year, and it was a one-day thing. It’s grown exponentially, and every year has gotten better, and we’ve gotten a little better at it each year, so now we finally kind of got it down. People want to come here, and we’ve got a great lineup every year, and they come from all over the place to play in Marquette.”

The festival continues through tomorrow and Sunday, with music starting at 1 p.m. each day.

Weekend and day passes are still available, however they are in limited supply.

If you would like to attend the festival for free, simply ask about volunteering, and you will be provided a refund.

Fore more about the festival, visit their website here.