Devos Art Museum opens new exhibit

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University is known for a lot of diverse settings on campus, such as the multicultural education and resource center. But, a new exhibit is opening up, and it’s bringing something new to the table.

The Devos Art Museum is opening their “Entire Life In A Package” exhibit today, created by iron sculptor and veteran Orna Ben–Ami. The exhibits purpose is to portray the story of millions of Israeli refugees identity and sense of belonging in their personal objects.

“People who have been displaced from Somalia, Syria and many countries around the world,” said Emily Lanctot, Director and Curator of the DeVos Art Museum. “So just understanding people and problems that are universal through art work can be very powerful. It can connect people who are the same as us and different then ourselves. It allows us to feel what they have experience.”

The exhibit will be open from August 30th until November 10th. For more information, click here.