Phase 3 of roundabouts planned to be done before winter

MARQUETTE — As every year the roads in Michigan always need some repairs and updates.
Marquette has been one of the main locations seeing some of those updates, with the implementation of roundabouts around the city, which help to reduce accidents and traffic backups.

The addition of two more roundabouts on US-41 in Marquette Township throughout the summer has been a long strenuous project, due to the high amount of traffic along the construction route making it difficult for MDOT to complete the project quickly. In order to keep the flow of traffic moving forward, MDOT has had to break up this 10.9 million dollar project into 4 phases.

“Most challenging thing in this area is the high volume of traffic,” explained Al Anderson, Construction Engineer for MDOT. “Also working around that much traffic and trying to maintain that much traffic through the work zone while also completing the work.”

The third phase will involve completing the south half of the roundabouts as well as the south half of the multi-use tunnel. That phase should be completed before winter and the fourth phase involving restoration of the roundabouts will be completed next year.

The roundabouts will be accessible during this upcoming winter to all traffic as well.