NMU students excited to get back on campus

MARQUETTE– As all college students headed back to their respective campuses yesterday, its no surprise that it can be a bitter sweet feeling. NMU is no stranger to that feeling as well.

The Wildcats returned to the classroom yesterday and we had a chance to catch up with some of the students about what they’re looking forward to the most now that school has begun.

“The last couple classes that I have and figuring out the next couple of steps for afterwords,” said Caroline Kessler, a senior at NMU.

“I’m really excited for the football games and the hockey games,” said Nicole Felty, a freshman at NMU.

“Excited for my major because of first year freshman and that whole process of getting into business and marketing aspect of things I find really intriguing,” said freshman Donald McGlone.

“All the football and hockey games. All of my classes are really fun so far so i’m just excited to get those going,” said freshman Shelby Juidici.

Even though classes just started, the students are very excited and Northern Michigan’s first home football game is September 7th.