American Red Cross temporary shelter is officially closing in Marquette

MARQUETTE — A fire that disrupted the Pine Ridge apartment occupants this past July left these individuals without a place to call home.

The American Red Cross and many other agencies across the community came to help and provide shelter meals, and even clothes among other necessities. Now after about a month since the incident these members of the community have now found temporary housing and are in the process of moving forward.

This also means the Red Cross has officially closed the temporary shelter.

“No more shelter but the Red Cross is still here,” explained Sarah Hemminger, Disaster Program Manager. “We are following up with residents from the Pine Ridge incident. We are checking to make sure they are safe, their needs are being met and that they have access to what they need to be successful. So that work will still go on until we know everybody is good to go.”

Even though the shelter is closed the Red Cross is still providing other services. They are glad that they were able to help alleviate some of the suffering that was created by the fire at the apartment complex.

“It is an honor for us to be here,” said Hemminger. “You know our mission is to alleviate human suffering. I think we are really proud that we were able to be here and help the folks that were affected. Also to have the ability to give them a safe place to be, access to food and services and to continue the case work. So the Red Cross members are very honored to do all that.”

Now that things are moving forward the members of the Red Cross are excited to go home and see their families.

“It is a long time away from family,” explained Hemminger. “Also it’s a long time to be away from their things going on back at home. So they are all anxious to get back home to all that.”

The Red Cross is very thankful for the community support and they are happy to see a strong community like Marquette come together to help one another in a time of need.

“Everybody has been so wonderful to help provide and see what our needs are as well as share information,” said Hemminger. “They have done whatever they can and it has just been overwhelmingly positive.”

For more information about the shelter closing or looking for resources you can call 906-228-3659