Yooper Paranormal spooks audiences with supernatural presentation

ISHPEMING — Two local sisters held presentations at the Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library today, where they talked all things paranormal.

Kelly Carlson and Trish Kautz, who go by Yooper Paranormal, presented audiences today with photos and audio of ghosts and spirits they’ve encountered on their paranormal investigations.

For Yooper Paranormal, these presentations are about helping others who have had brushes with the supernatural.

“There are a lot of people that have things happen that they’re afraid to share with other people because they think other people are going to think they’re crazy,” said Kelly Carlson, paranormal investigator. “We like to do presentations to show people, ‘hey, this is what we do, we’ve done research, we know what we’re doing.’ We don’t have all the answers—we don’t pretend to have all the answers—but, at least for a lot of people, we can give them some comfort or reassurance that, you know, yes, what you’re experiencing is real.”

Yooper Paranormal travels all over the United States investigating haunted locations across the country.