Graffiti damaging local parks in Marquette

MARQUETTE — On July 19th, some equipment at a local Marquette park was vandalized with spray paint and was reported to the Marquette Police Department.

A few of the parks structures along the Fit Strip recreational park in Marquette were defaced with symbols such as Swastikas and “SS.” They were spray painted in white on at least two of the wooden exercise stations.

Now the investigation is still ongoing to find the individuals responsible. The MPD has been working hard at decreasing the graffiti and vandalism of facilities and parks in the community over the years.

The department also explains that spray painting other individuals property is damaging that property and that is against the law.

“Simply put its other people’s property and people are damaging it by spray painting it,” explained Detective Lt. Gregory Kinonen, Marquette City Police. “If someone wanted to have that wall painted then they would pant it. It’s their property and if the city wanted something painted within the city we would do that. So it’s not their say to put whatever they want on those pieces of property.”

The Departments message to the public about the vandalism is to make sure that people report these incidents when they are found or witnessed. If anyone has more information involving this or other incidents involving graffiti or vandalism to call the Marquette County Police at 906-228-0400.