Michigan Supreme Court Justice Megan Cavanagh visits U.P. courts

MARQUETTE — Michigan Supreme Court Justice Megan Cavanagh has come up to the U.P. to work on two different projects. One project focused on elder abuse and another one involved the courts.

After going over the elder abuse initiative yesterday, Justice Cavanagh had one more initiative called, ‘Have Gavel will Travel,’ which is done across the state. This is where Supreme Court Justices will go around the state to visit the different courts to understand what goes on at these lower level courts.

“It is the trial courts that are really the real boots on the ground and the real work when it comes to administering justice for people in the state,” explained Justice Megan Cavanagh, Michigan Supreme Court Justice. “It’s our District, Circuit and Probate courts who are serving the people. I think it is very important that our Appellate courts and Michigan’s Supreme Court in particular knows firsthand what that is like and the work they are doing. Especially knowing the resources that they have, knowing the support that they need so that we can make sure they are able to do the job of serving Michigan’s citizens.”

This project helps give insight for justices to get a closer look at what courts are doing and how they are serving the public.