Divers from around the country come to clean Lower Harbor in Marquette

MARQUETTE — An event was held to help cleanup lower harbor in the city of Marquette.

Many Marquette area scuba divers, as well as, divers from around the state and country came to Marquette to clean up some pollution in the lake. These divers went underwater to gather and bring up years of discarded and dropped trash and treasures.

They also had volunteers from the city and surrounding community to help with the cleanup effort above the water. The City of Marquette also came out with some machinery to help dispose of this trash, and even the police department had a few divers.

“This is crazy awesome,” said Don Fassbender, a local diver in the Marquette area. “I did not expect this much support from the community, but I’ve got people who are spending their time helping out and I just love them for it. Its great.”

The crews brought up tires of all different sizes, plastic, trash and even some old rusted car parts.