Cruise-N-Coffee helps you give back

MARQUETTE– Coffee is mostly used to help people get up in the morning; but if you buy it from this specific shop, you’ll be helping more than just yourself.

Cruise-N-Coffee, located on North Third Street in Marquette, is participating in Charity Week this year. Every purchase that is made, 50 cents of that will be donated to U.P Children’s Museum. They hope that this event will bring around more faces and help the community.

“I’d like to imagine it’s bring in a little more customers here and there,” said Katherine Marsh, Manager at Cruise-N-Coffee. “We’ve definitely seen a lot of new faces this morning and this afternoon so far. Hopefully we’re getting a lot more outreach and how to help the community in terms of getting more people actively involved over at the Kids Museum.”

They’ve been involved with Charity Week in the past, but this will be the first time they’re involved specifically with the Children’s Museum.

Cruise-N-Coffee started this fundraiser on August 5th, and it will continue until August 11th.