Humongous Fungus Festival kicks off in Crystal Falls

CRYSTAL FALLS — Tie-dye shirts and hippie attire were abundant at one of the UP’s most unique festivals.

The 28th annual Humongous Fungus Festival kicked off earlier today in Crystal Falls, which has an interesting life form as its centerpiece.

“We’re celebrating the world’s oldest, largest life form, the Humongous Fungus, that lives under Crystal Falls,” said Erika Sauter, Chamber Director and event coordinator. “We’ve got tons going on that’s fungus-related, we had our parade tonight, and then we’ll be doing some free tie-dying and have a street dance, and tomorrow we’ve got all the fungus fun, and lots of other good stuff.”

This year’s festival theme is Psychedelic 60’s, so everyone is invited to dress up accordingly.

For a full list of events happening at the festival, visit their website here.