Partnership between NMU and NTN provide outdoor recreational opportunities for students

MARQUETTE — A project that was started by an NMU student led to the partnership of NMU and NTN.

Northern Michigan University has partnered with the Noquemanon Trail Network to provide current NMU students free access to a multi-purposed trail system and free equipment rentals.

“We have been partnering with them for about a year and a half now,” said Christopher Smith, Intramural Sports and Outdoor Recreation Manager. “They provide free trail access for students for free and as well as providing free equipment rentals such as fat tire bikes, snowshoes, cross country skis and a variety of other equipment to NMU students.”

The whole goal of this partnership is to expand the outdoor accessibility for activities such as hiking, biking, camping and many other outdoor activities.
This is also in response to the growing outdoor culture of NMU and the Marquette Community which has even put a demand on more equipment since this last winter.

“We want to expand with it,” said Smith. “We want to get a bigger fleet of fat tire bikes. We also recently purchased more snowshoes and cross country skis on our side of the spectrum. This is because we had a large usage; close to 1,500 student rentals throughout the winter this past year. This winter this past year was by far the most rentals used that we have had. So just continuing with that and getting students outdoors seeing where we can go. You know Northern is adventurous and so we can expand on that however we want.”

To learn more about rentals and the outdoor recreation center at NMU you can click here.