Feline Fine: Cats from the Permanent Collection at De Vos Art Museum

MARQUETTE — The De Vos Art Museum has hosted a variety of different exhibits throughout this summer; one especially that has been fairly new is actually on its way out.

Feline Fine, an art exhibit, that showcases cats in many different art forms including painting, cartoon, woodwork and even a form of Japanese styled painting.
These art works have been done by local, regional and many other artists who have been well known to be a part of the De Vos Art museum exhibits.
In this exhibit members of the community can come and checkout some unique cat art works.
There will also be historical postcards from the J.M. Longyear Collection that depict “statue like cats” in a pre-20th century art form.

“Well cats are our friends,” said Rachel Fugate, Collections Curator, De Vos Art Museum. “Cats have been alongside humans for as long as we have co-inhabited the earth. Whether humans have been afraid of them, worshiped them or even just been our pets, they have been something that has co-existed with humans. Humans have also always had a fascination with cats. So we really wanted to provide a very family friendly and a really interesting twist here at the museum.”

The Feline Fine exhibit will be ending on July 28th.
The next exhibit will include Familiar Facades which will open up to the public on August 9th.
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