Marquette Artist Collective opens gallery, welcomes new members

MARQUETTE —  Marquette is an ideal place for artists of all kind, and one local organization is embracing just that.

The Marquette Artist Collective held its opening for one of their showings earlier tonight at the Peter White Public Library, and they encourage art lovers of all kind to visit.

“The gallery is wonderful,” said Joy Bender Hadley, founder of the collective. “It’s a really great variety. There’s some older favorites, and then a lot of new pieces. One of our members brought in his piece, and probably the paint was still wet when he hung it up. So there’s a lot of great pieces, and a lot of different price ranges too, so something for everyone.”

The Marquette Art Collective is also inviting new members.

Started just over 2 years ago, the art collective is for anyone who is either an artist themselves, or simply enjoy it.

To find out more, visit their Facebook page, or their website here.