Celebrating National Video Game Day on July 8th

MARQUETTE — Dust off that old Nintendo and haul your prized collection of video games out of the closet, because it’s National Video Game day.

National Video Game Day happens on July 8! While its cousin, National Video Games Day, is Sept. 12.
Primarily video games are used for recreational purposes, although video games have exploded in popularity even becoming competitions.

This past time is exciting, invigorating, and most importantly – not just for kids, but it can also be great way to bring the family and others together.

“Everybody wants to be social in their own way,” explained John Moschetto, GameStop Employee. “This gives a lot of people an outlet to be social. Back in the day when there was no internet, cell phones or texting and stuff like that, you would come to your local GameStop. You could talk to your friends and talk about video games. To have that togetherness in that way while you browse for games and whatever so it creates a form of community for a lot of us.”

The very first video game ever invented involved simple table tennis. Now present day, there are over five million games in existence.

From games like Pokémon, Super Smash Bros or even games like Skyrim and Forza, there is always some type of game out there for everyone.