Spectral Stories being hosted by the Marquette Maritime Museum

MARQUETTE — If you feel a chill on your back this weekend, it might be the wind, or it may just be a Ghost. This Sunday, the Marquette Maritime Museum will be hosting Spectral Stories, a Ghost Story tour that dives into the rich folklore of Marquette’s haunted waters.

The tour is lead by Orion Couling, a professional storyteller who has traveled to New Orleans, Chicago, and the Upper Peninsula sharing stories about hauntings, ghosts, and specters alike.

“When exploring the country, and also the world,” said Couling. “Hearing these myths and hearing these stories and what I thought exciting about being here is that though we are in a small town, in a remote part of the country, these stories are just as full, and vibrant, and exciting, as they are in Chicago, as they are in New Orleans, as they are when I was doing work in Florida.”

The stories are chosen by the listeners, so the Museum encourages repeat visits for guests 12 years and older.

The tour will take place at 7 p.m. on Sunday evening, and there only a couple seats still available. For more information or to learn how to buy tickets, click here.