MARQUETTE — Since the announcement of a new year–round dog park at UPAWS, there has been interest in what the park will entail.

UPAWS held an informational earlier tonight, to answer any questions and to get the public ready for the park, as it nears completion.

“We did host community forums previously,” said Amber Talo, board member of UPAWS. “We did a community poll asking, ‘What do you want in a dog park?’ We took that feedback, and now we’re presenting what we came up with. Here’s how to get a permit, how to use the park safely, here’s some etiquette and recommendations to make sure your dog is having a great time here. I think we achieved that tonight.”

For those who missed tonight’s forum, UPAWS is trying to have more information on their website in the coming week.

Also on their website is a logo design competition for the park that people can vote for.

More information is on their website at