MARQUETTE — Need to take your dog somewhere to let off some steam, but can’t find anywhere secure? You need look no further.

UPAWS is preparing to open a community dog park, one that took lots of planning and research to pull off.

“It took years of planning,” said Amber Talo, UPAWS board member. “We researched dog parks throughout the country. I also researched dog parks in other countries and how they utilize theirs. We opened up to a community survey, and asked the community, ‘What do you want in a dog park?’ We saw the need; there isn’t a fenced in year-round dog park in the UP. We knew we needed it, but what did the community want out of it?”

After having a community poll, it was decided to name the park Paws Park.

The two–acre park is divided into separate areas for small dogs less than 25 pounds, and dogs that are larger.

UPAWS invites members of the public to attend a forum next week Wednesday the 26th at 6 p.m. at UPAWS, to be informed about how to safely use the park, and how to obtain permits for use, among other things.