Summer College for Kids starting next week

MARQUETTE — There are still opportunities to sign up your student for the summer College for Kids classes that are offered through the Seaborg Center on Northern Michigan University’s campus.

College for Kids is a year round program at the Seaborg Center, and the summer session which consists of a morning class and an afternoon class is starting next week. The classes are 1-week long and will run for four weeks until the middle of July, and are open to students in kindergarten through 8th grade. The classes focus on STEM education (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), but the topics vary more than they would in a normal classroom.

“One of our popular classes that we have every year is Beginning Turtles and Toads, that’s probably something people have heard of before at the Seaborg Center,” said Renee Jewett, the program coordinator at the Seaborg Center. “Kids go out into the wild, here in our local area in Marquette, and they capture amphibians, toads, turtles, whatever they can find, and catch, release, and identify them. We have 3D printing classes. We have a class called Science is Calling this year where they’re going to build a protective phone case and learn about force.”

The classes cost $75 per class, and for more information or to register a student for a class, call 227-2002 or email You can also see a full schedule by clicking here.