Volunteers needed at Ishpeming thrift shop

ISHPEMING — One local thrift shop that helps benefit the community through donations is in search of volunteers due to the influx of donations from members of the community.

St. Vincent de Paul Society saw an influx of donations from members of the community last week. With all the extra donations coming from spring cleaning and rummage sales have definitely made an impact on the shop.

“People are cleaning out their houses, they are moving and downsizing, as well as having rummage sales so that adds to it,” explained Amanda Pope, the Store Manager for St. Vincent de Paul. “But a week ago from Tuesday we got overwhelmed and it was up to the top of the building here. Even our bin was full and we were staring to put things on the floor and it was starting to recede into our door way. That is a fire and trip hazard.”

Thankfully a few members from the community saw the need for volunteers and made their way down to the shop and helped get it under control. Although St. Vincent de Paul is still in need of more volunteers, especially during the summer time due to a lot of downsizing in items after winter.

“People are off for the summer, you know we have people who are school teachers, aides or whatever and if you want to do something for the summer come down and see us,” said Amanda.

The facility is looking for help in all departments and since the influx of donations has settled down they are now able to receive more donations.
These donations can be brought to the shop only at certain times during the week.

“There is a brick wall with a door on it and you ring the doorbell,” explained Amanda. “As long as the highlighted signs says open, then that means our donation door is open. We typically are open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 3 pm.”

All of the donations and volunteer help will go towards programs that will benefit the surrounding communities.

“Well they do a food pantry here on site,” explained Amanda. “They do it two days a week, Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings, so the money that we raise through the store goes to help buy food for them. We also have a ‘Friends in need office’ and they help with utilities, rent or if somebody has a fire and needs clothing or something they have a voucher program.”