Local artists making music video on Au Train River in July

AU TRAIN TOWNSHIP — A local artist is making a name for herself down in Atlanta Georgia, but she plans on coming home to shoot a music video up in the U.P.

Alyssa Erspamer is originally from the Marquette area where she went to Marquette Senior High School. She is now a growing artist who is recording music down in Atlanta and one of the songs she is recording is about a special place in the U.P.

This place is the Au Train River and this summer she plans on shooting a music video for her song called, Au Train, at this very location. The song was co-written by Alyssa and a close friend, Becca Taylor, who has also been a big part of the project with Alyssa.
They intend to work on and sing in the music video.

Two-Forty Media will be assisting with the production of the music video and is hoping the community can come out to support this local Yooper.

“We are hoping to get all of the community involved, the more people the merrier,” said Justin Berkel, Two-Forty Media, Owner/Producer. “It’s to help Alyssa pursue her musical dreams and she is a local person, so we are always trying to spread the good word as far as community goes whenever we are doing artistic projects. It takes a community to make this happen.”

Now the event will be happening on July 5th at 12 p.m., where everyone can come to the river and be a part of this production.
To learn more about the event and or music video you can click here.