Marquette beaches operational despite low staff

MARQUETTE — It’s that time of the year where the snow is no more and the sun is coming out, that means more beach days for the community and for the lifeguards that patrol them. The beaches in Marquette are now up and running but not all of them will be staffed with lifeguards.



Currently, Tourist and South beach are closed due to low staff. Tourist is looking to be opened soon due to an influx of new guards coming from life guard and water front safety training that happened at NMU.

Although the guards that will be out on duty are equipped with some new equipment and are ready for a long hot summer.

“This year we got a few new backboards, we also got a few new tubes and our AED’s are new this year with new AED cases and we also have EMILY out on the island which is new of about last year,” said Shea Kinder, the head life guard in Marquette.

The beaches that are staffed with lifeguards include Clark Lambros Beach and McCartys Cove.