DNR accepting applications for Wildlife Habitat Grant Program

MARQUETTE — The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is now accepting applications for a grant program to help improve habitats for game species around the state. The Wildlife Habitat Grant Program will be awarding approximately $1 million this year to recipients, which is all funded by hunting and fishing licenses that are sold within the state.



Government agencies, for–profit and nonprofit groups, and individuals all are welcome to apply for the grants to help improve habitats for the game species, which will also help many other types of animals in those areas.

“You’re improving it not only for game species, but also other non–game animals that live there as well, like songbirds and other animals that may benefit from the improvements,” said John Pepin, the Deputy Public Information Officer for the DNR. “And those may be advantageous for people who are going to bird watch, or they like trail hiking and seeing animals, or going out and watching groundhogs, or whatever else it is that’s in the habitat.”

The smallest grant that will be awarded is $15,000, and there is a minimum 10% match requirement for all recipients. The applications will be accepted until July 26th, and the recipients will be announced on October 1st.

For a detailed program handbook and an application for this grant program, click here.