Working with wood art at Peter White Public Library

MARQUETTE — If you are still looking to learn, watch and talk to the current artist performing their work. You can head down to the Peter White Public Library to get a look.

Julie Benda is a printmaker, illustrator, & sculptor from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is currently working on woodworking with a printmaking touch.

Julie is the final art resident that was invited to show off her work and show that there are other mediums of art that are not widely used. She is also excited to be doing her work at the Peter White Public Library due to the atmosphere and all the community engagement.

“Especially as an Interdisciplinary Artist I feel like a lot of times some of those other mediums get lost and there are so many ways that art and community and public art can interact,” explained Julie Benda, Wood working Artist. “For me being in the library and in the public is important because my work kind of overlaps with book text and print making and so there is a tradition there. I also think that it is a space that is available and accessible to anybody.”

You can visit Julie this week, Monday-Friday from 1-4pm, Tuesday 5-8pm & Saturday 10am-12pm and 1-4pm.