May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

MARQUETTE — Summer is right around the corner, and that means that we’ll be seeing more and more motorcycles out on the highway.

Even though you should always be aware of motorcycles while driving, the month of May has been designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Car drivers are reminded to keep an eye out for motorcycles while doing tasks like changing lanes or crossing traffic, and there also are some things that can be done to improve visibility by those on motorcycles.

“Using reflective stripes on the clothing that you wear. Giving plenty of space between you and the cars on the roads so they have a better chance of seeing you. Wear helmets, goggles, and bright clothing when you’re out on your bike. The other thing, especially up here any time of year, is to keep an eye open for animals crossing the roadway. That’s a big hazard and a lot of fatal crashes” said Communications Representative for MDOT, Dan Weingarten.

MDOT also wants to remind all drivers to be cautious and be safe, no matter what vehicle you may be driving or what time of year it is.