3rd Annual Walk a Mile in My Shoes Rally hosted at Marquette Commons

MARQUETTE — “Walk a Mile in My Shoes Rally,” is an event that has been going on in Lansing Michigan for about 10 years
It was brought up to the U.P. just about three years ago and is still going strong to this day.

The event is all about focusing on legislation regarding mental illness and breaking the stigma of mental illness. The rally hosted a few speakers regarding mental illness and success stories about people breaking through their hard times.

They also had a mile walk where people could come together and be the face of mental illness and break the stigma within the community.

“I hope people take away from this that they should never be ashamed to ask for help,” said Lorissa Juntti Guest Speaker. “Don’t wait and you don’t have to hit rock bottom to ask for help and you shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of any of your struggles or anything that’s eating up on the inside. Mental health is just as important as physical health.”

For more information about this topic and the event you can click here.