IRON MOUNTAIN — On Wednesday, May 15th, the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center held their 9th annual VA2K.



This 2 kilometer walk is held nationwide to benefit homeless veterans and promote healthier living.

Veterans, medical center employees and groups from the community participated in the event which also had 15–minute stress management, yoga, and Tai Chi sessions throughout the day.

“So this is a great opportunity just to raise awareness, be able to connect a little bit more. And create awareness of what we do in the community for veterans and how we help them and how [the community] can support us in that effort and really make a difference in a veterans life” said Chief of Voluntary Service at the VA Medical Center, Katie Maxon.

The main goal for the event was to remind people that activity levels help maintain good health and how beneficial it is to have good health.

Those in the community also participated by making posters for the event and students from Iron Mountain Middle School helped raise over $400 dollars in donations.