E-Coaching session focuses on legal help website at Peter White Public Library

MARQUETTE —┬áThe Peter White Public library held the last of its E-Coaching sessions for this series and it had to do with legal self help.

The presentation was all about learning the legal system and to give the public knowledge on resources and extra information. The main focus was to have time to interact and learn about the Michigan Legal Help website and what it can be utilized for.

It has many different platforms of different legal information, tool kits and articles about various options.

“This is a great way for people to get basic information on a lot of the common topics that might come up frequently,” explained Joan Ball, Family and Consumer Law Attorney. “This fills that gap and allows people to help themselves or at least get information so that they can make decisions on whether it may be important to go and get extra help with the law.”

The public also has the opportunity to utilize the reference department at the library for further help as well.

For more information about the website for legal help you can click here.