Hundreds gathered for the 13th Annual U.P. Recovery Conference

MARQUETTE –Hundreds gathered at the Holiday Inn of Marquette for the 13th Annual U.P. Recovery Conference.

The conference is put on for people who struggle with mental illness to network with other community members, to offer encouragement.

Different workshops for substance abuse disorder, maintaining mental health and recovery were offered throughout the day by professionals in the area.

Mackay says it’s essential to raise awareness for mental illness in the Upper Peninsula.

“It’s important to allow individuals that have mental illness in the U.P. to realize that there are more of them around. That we are able to look forward to recovery and we can help each other,” said Francine Mackay, Chair person for Recovery Conference.

Northcare Network in Marquette provided a grant to help put the conference on.

If you were not able to attend the conference today and are interested in learning more about mental illness click HERE.