Team USA holds first-ever Pro Day in Superior Dome

MARQUETTE — Local athletes gathered at the Superior Dome on Saturday, to showcase their talents.

Team USA held its first-ever pro day, where anyone could participate and see if they have what it takes to compete at the international level.

“All of these sports are trying to recruit new talent for their MGBs, as these athletes are going to be graduating soon, and maybe looking for new opportunities to continue their athletic careers,” said Suzy Sanchez, director of scouting and outreach for Team USA Weightlifting. “So that’s kind of where we came up with the concept.”

The event was free to all participants.

People trying out could attend several events, including power lifting, sprinting, and rowing.

This was one of six pro days being held across the country; NMU was picked because of its connection through the Olympic training site on campus.