First Baptist Church welcomes all with Easter Brunch

MARQUETTE — For many, Easter is a time of togetherness and caring for one another.

First Baptist Church in Marquette brought in the Christian holiday with a brunch, focused on welcoming members of the community.

“I hope they know that there are people that care,” says Chad Mager, pastor of First Baptist. “Honestly, that’s the biggest thing. We just want to be able to share love and share a servant’s heart, and make sure people feel like they’re cared about; that this community of Marquette, the general area and the UP, that your neighbors do care about you.”

The gathering was open to everyone, regardless of religious background, so people could come and enjoy food with no obligation to attend the service.

The church decided to have an Easter event, after the success of their first-ever Christmas brunch.

While this is the first year of their Easter brunch, the church hopes to continue to host it annually, while exploring the possibility of more similar events in the future.