Passover begins Friday at sundown to commemorate The Exodus from Egypt

MARQUETTE –Christians and Jews throughout the world are celebrating Holy days this week.

While those of the Christian faith celebrate Easter, Jews will celebrate Passover.

Passover is the remembrance of the exodus of Egypt; much of the ceremonial material has to do with the various ways of reminding Jews what their ancestors went through at that time.

When the Jewish slaves left Egypt, they left in such a hurry they didn’t have time for the bread to rise.

Therefore, matzah, an unleavened bread is a traditional food during this holiday.

This evening starting at sundown Jews will not eat any leavened bread or anything with leavened in it for 8 days.

Passover is a home base holiday, where Jews will gather with their family and eat a ceremonial meal, while telling stories in remembrance of the exodus of Egypt.

“It is particularly a time where you tell your children and make them aware of their traditions. We explicitly say we should remember as if it was I myself who went out of Egypt. We try to put ourselves in that historical context,” said Daniel Arnold, Member of the Congregation.

ABC 10 wishes those of both faiths a joyous holiday