Pets being adopted during the Easter holiday

GWINN — It is almost the time of year where rabbits and chicks will be featured for the Easter holiday.

Even though it can be fun for the holidays, it is important to know not to adopt an animal if you are not serious about keeping one.

During the Easter holiday most animal shelters will see a large adoption rate of bunnies. While after the holidays they tend to see a high return rate as well.

Rabbits are also known to have a year round abandonment problem where they are sometimes let out into the wild. This can cause and issue with surrounding environments with the increased breeding of rabbits.

“If you do have a rabbit for Easter, please do not let it loose out in the woods after the holiday,” said Ann Brownell, UPAWS Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator. “You know they can surrender it. We encourage people to not do that. Please do not let the loose out into the woods. For one thing you don’t know they can survive, because they were raised as a pet. They are also going to multiply.”

So if you are interested in adopting a rabbit but are unsure of what you should know before doing so you can click here.