2019 Seasonal Boat Launch Passes available for purchase

MARQUETTE –The 2019 Seasonal Boat Launch Passes are now available for purchase.

Prices are the same as 2018.

The cost is $60 for the season and there are also day passes available for $6.

The City of Marquette requires all boaters to obtain a launch permit to launch a boat at Presque Isle and Cinder Pond.

The seasonal boat pass gives you access to launch your boat for the day and a designated parking spot while you are out boating.

With the season coming up so quickly there a few things that boaters should keep in mind.

“It’s always important to remember to not go out in hazardous condition. If the wave length or high winds, anything dangerous like that. Be on the lookout for weather advisories, because you’re going to want to avoid going out on the lake on those days,” said Michael Anderson, Parks and Recreation Coordinator.

The marina does not open until May 1st, but you can still go out and launch your boat.

The launch permits are available for purchase at Lakeview Arena Parks and Recreation office.