MARQUETTE — There’s a holiday coming up this month, but it’s never too early to start thinking about ones that are further away.

Each year, in the city of Marquette a show is put on for the Fourth of July.

Activities for the day include a parade that leads people down to the park for a food festival.

To end the night, fireworks are set off around dusk at the end of the Ore Dock in Lower Harbor.

“This is the time when people start getting pumped about the Fourth of July, now that we don’t have snow on the ground –as much as we did a week ago and there’s some grass showing” said 4th of July Committee Chair, Victoria Leonhardt. “People are like ‘oh yeah, it’s going to be warm and fun soon’. So this is really the time when things pick up.”

The committee has been planning for this year’s Fourth of July since September of last year and payments for the fireworks began in October.

They work with groups in the community to coordinate all of the events for the show.