Arvon Township students raise more than $700 for “Read for Raptors”

BARAGA COUNTY — Every year Arvon Township School participates in March Reading Month.

Arvon Township School is a remote elementary school in Baraga County and the 11 students make up the entire student body.

This year they decided to have some fun and raise money with a “Read for Raptors” program for one of their favorite non–profits, the Chocolay Raptor Center.

The students kept track of their reading, and inspired by their goals of raising money to feed the birds raised more than $700 in pledges.

“It was really exciting we raised $700. We’ve done fundraisers in the past and we haven’t raised that much. I do feel like family involvement was an important part here. We sent the letter home at the beginning of the month and let families choose how they wanted to participate,” said Kristina Waara, Teacher.

While the students focused on their reading, they also learned the importance of giving back.

“We really want kids to think about something outside of themselves. Something that’s a little bit bigger than the school, something a little bit bigger than their family. We want them to believe in a cause and try to work towards helping it,” Waara added.

The teachers then took the students on a field trip to the Chocolay Raptor Center, for the kids to meet some of the birds.

“What’s your favorite bird?”

“I was thinking about the Red Tail Hawk,” said Xyana DeRocher, Student.

“The Kestrel ” said Kaylynn Collins, Student.

“The Red Tail Hawk,” said Natalie Laramore, Student.

“The Kestrel ,” said Isis DeRocher, Student.

“I think it was the Red Tail Hawk,” said Colin Penfold, Student.

Center director Jerry Maynard says he’s grateful for the donations.

He says the students not only honed their reading skills, but also learned how to interact with and support one of their favorite causes.