906 Adventure Team donates $9k to help trails

MARQUETTE–  Maintaining our beautiful trail networks in the Upper Peninsula is no easy task.

Non–profit organization 906 Adventure Team is looking to alleviate this burden, by donating $9,000 to the Noquemanon  Trail Network and other organizations to help with the maintenance.

“We’re in a world that’s becoming more and more connected digitally, and disconnected from nature. This is a reminder that there’s an entire world out here to explore, and hopefully when people see that we’re putting $9,000 into a trail or into a project, it makes them think for a moment, ‘Boy, should I go out and check that out,'” says Todd Poquette, Director of Adventure for the 906 Adventure Team.

The proceeds came from various events the organization hosts, like the Polar Roll fat bike race held back in February.

The 906 Adventure Team has donated over $100,000 since 2015, in hopes that others will join in caring for the trails for generations to come.