UP Health System – Marquette Celebrates Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

MARQUETTE — This morning community members and leaders braved the chilly weather to celebrate a milestone for the new UP Health System – Marquette.

The ceremony started out with recognizing community leaders who all helped make this happen.

Operations at the new hospital will be fully functional come June 2nd.

The construction of the new hospital has been a project more than three years in the making.

The completion of the new hospital is a tribute to a century–long legacy of providing quality care in the UP and marks the start of an exciting new chapter for the hospital.

“Our building represents the quality of care that we provide. It’s the great physicians, nurses, and staff members that we have doing miraculous things every day. This building now reflects that and that is exciting,” said Brian Sinotte, Chief Executive Officer of UP Health System.

Sinotte explains that patients and visitors are going to have a different experience with the new hospital.

“This layout is very efficiently designed; it’s going to be very patient friendly. Things are much closer together, it’s easier to find your way around and there are a lot of healing attributes to the building in the design. We have a lot of natural light coming in and we have art work that will feature a lot of UP artist. The art work is very healing, soothing and natural which does play a role in healing,” said Brian Sinotte, Chief Executive Officer of UP Health System.

The move to the new hospital was supposed to take place on April 14th, but delaying the move will give department’s additional time to focus on acclimating to their space and checking every box to be ready to welcome patients on June 2nd.