Rep. Cambensy & Senator McBroom hold coffee hour

MARQUETTE–  Earlier today, Senator Ed McBroom and Representative Sara Cambensy met at the Peter White Public Library for an open forum coffee hour.

Citizens came to give a variety of questions and concerns, in hopes that both parties can work together at the state level.

“It helps the public to see that people can work across the aisles, and that’s so important right now because it is a very contentious environment, and to move forward we need to find out where we can agree and how we can move forward on those things,” said Darlene Allen, member of the League of Women Voters, who was also in attendance.

Citizens came to the forum with a variety of topics dealing with the Upper Peninsula, including keeping wolves on the endangered species list, the dangers of sulfide ore mining, and transparency of state records.

The State Senator and Representative also got a chance to give updates on recent bills they proposed, and how they tie back to the UP.