MARQUETTE — A new drink for Yoopers will soon be on the market thanks to one local brewery.

Ore Dock Brewing Company is set to release the Upper Peninsula’s first hard seltzer, called Breakwater Seltzer.

It is a low–calorie, low–carb and gluten–free drink, made with natural ingredients and Lake Superior water that’s brewed in Marquette.

Once released, there will be a few handles in the tap room dedicated to the seltzer.

“So we will have seltzer on draft all the time, in addition to our craft beer. And actually over the coming months you’ll see us releasing some craft sodas as well. But what it does provide, is something a little different for those people that are either looking to try something new or perhaps aren’t beer drinkers to begin with” said Co-Owner of Ore Dock Brewing Company, Andrea Pernsteiner. “We’re definitely not look at switching beer drinkers to seltzer drinkers; it’s really more about providing a larger mix of beverage options for the people coming in”

Just like Ore Dock’s beers, the seltzers will have rotating flavors.

They will start with Black Cherry and White Peach and as the season’s change they will add new flavors for customers to try.

Breakwater will be available on tap at the Ore Dock Brewing Company beginning Thursday, April 4th.

Limited release cans of Breakwater Seltzer will also be available in early May.