Hardcore Scripture Outdoors gives make-overs and teaches gun safety

NORWAY — Over the weekend, a group of Norway girls got the chance to get make–overs and learn a little bit about the outdoors.

Hardcore Scripture Outdoors is a youth mentoring group that teaches kids about the outdoors, and it all started out as a way to help the community. Joe Bottesi and other members of the organization work and spend a lot of time in the outdoors, but thought they could be doing something more when they’re out there to try to make a difference.

Organized by Joe and his wife Jessica Bottesi, who is a Younique saleswoman, the event is unlike any other the group has put together thus far, being the first all-girls event. The event started out with full make–overs for all of the girls, and then they went out to a shooting range to learn about gun safety.

“We talked with Westman Precision Firearms and they wanted to get involved in this event too, and we thought it would be a great collaboration with our foundation too,” said Nathan Holm of Hardcore Scripture Outdoors. “To get these girls to go outside and enjoying nature in this spring weather that we have, and seeing gods creation with us and getting to know some firearms with them and being taught some of the values with that, and having a good time outside.”

After going through gun safety and learning how to shoot, the girls got to participate in a competition on their very own custom targets. Kit Fox Design Group and Ink Design and Apparel also helped out with the event.

To learn more about Hardcore Scripture Outdoors and future events, visit their Facebook page or their website.