Marquette Regional History Center hosts Norwegian embroidery class

MARQUETTE–  The Marquette Regional History Center continued their Heritage Craft Series today, with a class about Norwegian embroidery.

Held at the history center, the class taught basic methods of needlework using wool and other fabrics, passed down through generations of Norwegians.

“But it’s really rewarding to create something beautiful with choices of colors and shapes and textures, and it’s just really fun in a cold winter day to have something warm and colorful that you’re working on that you can enjoy looking at,” says Rosemary Michelin, instructor of the class.

The 2–week long workshop is part of a larger series that highlights heritage crafting.

Other classes include Native American beadwork, book binding, wood burning, and paper cutting.

The class started out using vibrant colors and basic methods, and will progress into more complex methods using white on white threads.