MARQUETTE — Thursday, March 14th is Pi Day, and one local restaurant is celebrating in a fitting way.

Iron Bay restaurant, located in downtown Marquette, is taking their Pi day celebration in stride, with food specials live music, and other things to offer to welcome this annual math–based holiday.

“Later tonight from 7 to 11 we have a Pi day bash, and we have a live band, Strung Together, a local bluegrass band is coming, and they’ll be set up in the dining room and so we’re gonna have a dance, and we’re actually staying open later tonight for this party” said Head Baker, Lorri Smith.

The restaurant is offering pie for $3.14 a slice, plus beer pairings, and coffee from Keweenaw coffee company.

Shorts Brewing Company, located in Bel Aire Michigan, is helping with the beer pairing event, which has been sold for weeks.