New Irish American Pub opens just in time for St. Patrick’s Day

MARQUETTE — Residents in Marquette County will have a new place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Kildare Irish American Pub has officially opened their doors and offers a variety of different Irish American cuisine and drink choices.

The pub is currently offering a limited time Guinness draft beer, both stout and blonde for $3 a pint.

The new unique Irish American is most excited about being open for St. Patrick’s Day.

“Were built for that day, our menu is built for that day, our beer is built for that day. We have smitwits, harp and killian and 2 kinds of Guinness beers. Were ready to go, St Paddys day is 365 days a year here,” said Rick Overbey, Owner.

St. Patrick’s Day is known to attract a lot of people into the downtown area and police are already planning for this busy day.

Police want to remind people the most important thing is to drink responsibly.

“Have fun and enjoy yourself, but please be responsible. Designate a driver and if you can’t do that please call a taxi cab to get you home safely. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, if you choose to drive while drinking. You are putting everybody else on the road in danger as well,” said Mike Laurila, Captain for Marquette City Police Department.

Police also warn folks that they will be out and about on this busy day of drinking.

“We will have patrols out keeping an eye on underage drinking as well as loud noise and loud parties. Our officers will be monitoring traffic, as well as motor traffic and pedestrian traffic. We want to make sure everybody enjoys St. Patrick’s day’s safely,” added Laurila.

For more information on Kildare Irish American Pub click HERE.