State Trooper recognized for officer of the year award in Marquette County

MARQUETTE —  Local law enforcement came together today NMU’s Wild Cat Room to recognize one officer as the officer of the year out of all the agencies for the Marquette County.

The Marquette County Law Enforcement Administrators Association recognized an officer for officer of the year award today and it emphasizes on their admirable acts while on the job and for participation within the community.

“Annually this board recognizes an officer from any of the agencies that serve Marquette County as officer of the year,” said Post Commander of State Police at Negaunee Post, 1st Lieutenant Clint Michelin. “So all of the perspective members submit nominations on behalf of their agency, and then the MCLEAA board as a whole, will go through the submissions and then select somebody that stands out. They would be someone who did something special through the year or through the life time of their career as they have served Marquette County.”

The officer that was recognized for the award this year is State Trooper Stacey Rasanen. She has not only gone above and beyond in her career since being in the U.P., but she has also tried to make a strong bond with all of the members of the Marquette County community and it has been shown by other groups as well.

“You know I can’t say I am surprised,” added Michelin. “She is so deserving and her work over the last 24 to 25 years certainly displays that. She has also been recognized by other groups as well. The Marquette County Community Foundation also recognized her for the coveted catalyst award. That was for all of her extra efforts and contributions to our community. So this is just another example of a well deserving recognition for her.”

This award is looked at as a lifetime career achievement and is only given out to individuals who have not only given it their all but even a little more after the fact. But what does it take to achieve such an award and what needs to be applied to be a successful community figure, especially as a law enforcement official.

“Again make sure you get involve with the community and listen,” explained State Trooper from Negaunee Post, Stacey Rasanen. “Sometimes we get kind of in a hurry and we want to go right to the judgment, and again just by taking a step back and listening to what people have to say, really truly builds relationships. It also builds confidence in law enforcement and right now we need people in our role to go out and help the community. There is a shortage and we want to make sure young people know that there are jobs available and we need good people to serve the community.”