Marquette Township buys land for recreation uses

MARQUETTE — Marquette Township has signed a $250,000 deal to purchase 30 acres near Grove Street.

The purchase is an effort to preserve recreational opportunities in the area. The next step in the process of protecting the property and its recreational opportunities would be to rezone it.

This is due to it being currently zoned as Rural Residential property.

“We have plans to re-zone the property,” said Planning and Zoning Administrator of Marquette Township, Jason R. McCarthy. “We are going to be requesting that the planning commission considers re-zoning from rural residential to a forest recreation. That zoning designation essentially limits the land uses that could occur on the property to ones that are only recreation oriented.”

Due to past weather related issues they have rescheduled the meeting and it will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Marquette Township Hall