Marquette Mountain announces hire of new GM

MARQUETTE — Marquette Mountain announced yesterday afternoon that General Manager Frank Malette has been replaced by 27-year-old, Andrew Farron.

The decision was apparently made to help get the mountain “back on track.” Malette was brought on last summer, but some of the changes made under his leadership proved frustrating for many mountain-goers. Farron, a mechanical engineer and snowboarder, has put his former career on hold to focus on making positive changes to the mountain’s operations.

In a letter to the community he said, “Not all changes will happen overnight. We will need your patience to continue and believe we must first take a step back before we can move forward. Season pass holders will no longer require a ticket. Terrain park and border cross will be developed and properly maintained. Areas of the fencing will be removed to increase parking. Jim and ray will once again be playing at the TBar.”

Farron adds that he has been meeting with the ski hill’s owner for the last two weeks, and has approval for a number of those changes.