Salvation Army offers food pantry help to federal workers

MARQUETTE — It is now 34 days into the government shut down, and as federal workers continue to work without pay, another local organization is offering a helping hand.

The Salvation Army of the Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin is offering supplies from their food pantry to any federal worker that is being affected by the shutdown.

The food pantry is primarily used to fill the needs of lower income homes, but now it will be open to federal employees who are working without pay.

“So across all of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, we’ve instituted a policy where every federal worker can come in, and just show their government issued I.D. and we’ll give them some food pantry supplies to help them through this hard time,” said Captain Doug Winters of the Salvation Army of Marquette County.

The Salvation Army is trying to help with the financial burden that those workers might be feeling during the shutdown, and know that every bit helps.

“In this case, they expect to have a paycheck again, but during this time period where they’re not getting paid, we just want to help them get through this time,” said Winters.

Salvation Army food pantries in the area can be found in Marquette, Ishpeming, Hancock, Iron Mountain, Escanaba and Marinette.