UPDATE: 2-year-old left in cold car in Ishpeming, Mother arrested

ISHPEMING –UPDATE: The Ishpeming Police Department has released more information on the arrest of the mother for child abuse.

27 year old, Taylor Ann Thompson is charged with 3rd Degree Child Abuse. It is a Felony.

Ishpeming Police responded to a report of a small child locked in a vehicle with no one around and the vehicle was not running on January 23rd.

Employees at the Salvation Army said that they saw the vehicle in the parking lot with a door open. An employee did not see anyone around and approached the vehicle and closed the door. As the door closed, the Salvation Army employee heard a baby start crying and saw the baby in the backseat. When the door closed, it locked the vehicle.

Officers arrived and broke a window to get into the car. The child was alert but cold. Officers called EMS and the child was transported to UPHS Bell. Approximately half an hour after the initial call, the mother showed back up at the scene. She said she was at a friend’s, but would not give specific locations about her where–a–bouts. The mother was arrested and transported to the Marquette County Jail.

The 2–year–old child was turned over to Child Protective Service after treatment for exposure. The name of the mother is not being released at this time. The report is being submitted to the Marquette County Prosecutors Office for review of Child Abuse Charges.